Counselling Children

We have psychologists and counsellors who offer play, and art therapy to assist your child. Therapy can help your child who may be struggling at school, with friendships, adjusting to change, divorce and other difficulties.

Counselling Children

Unresolved natural responses we all have to threats in the world can be physical, emotional and perceived. The body’s inability to fulfill its natural defense processes can result in a drain in our energy leading to undesirable consequences that stop us from living our best lives. For instance, following surgery or an accident we might find that we are just, “not our normal self.”

As a professional art therapist, I draw from my experiences gathered from practicing expressive art therapy, as an artist, and as an educator to work with both adults and children.

Using art therapy with children helps them develop their natural ability to expressive themselves and be creative. This can be helpful in working with children experiencing difficulty in school, relationships, learning, sleeping and adjusting to new environments and life situations. I use a sensory approach by engaging in art materials to promote awareness and connection to themselves and their worlds. This way, children express and identify their feelings, which may not be immediately accessible using only words. Through the language of art, feelings that cannot otherwise be communicated, are allowed to be explored and new ways of problem solving can be found. Promoting positive self-esteem and self-awareness leads to greater regulation of the nervous system and can free up energy and resources that can be put towards learning, growing and living happier lives.

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