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Compassionate Counselling is affiliated with and is happy to recommend therapists profiled below.

AnneMarie Whitton

AnneMarie Whitton is a Registered Psychologist and Marital and Family Therapist.

AnneMarie has 13 years experience walking with individuals, couples and families to develop coping strategies and strengthen relationships. A major focus in her work is to explore the difficulties that block the desired way of living. Couple work is a strong interest and passion for AnneMarie. Thriving as a couple will likely impact the lives of many as we strive to build healthy and thriving communities.

Please visit AnneMarie’s website for more information and to book an appointment:

Dr.  Nancy Hurst

Karen Stevenson

Karen Stevenson is a professional art therapist and counsellor and her early life journey towards wellness from addiction and LGBTQ+ identity struggles gives her a unique perspective on healing.

Karen works with adults who are experiencing anxiety, stress, grief or loss rooted in the following: challenges of aging; in recovery or sober curious; and LGBTQ+ issues. A particular interest, drawing on her years as an environmental and sustainability educator, is a focus on eco-grief. Through individual and group work she creates space and support for individuals and communities to face complex issues that are difficult to talk about.

For more information on how Karen can support you or your organization, visit:

Dr.  Nancy Hurst

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